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We Manufacture and Package Gourmet:

  • Chocolate
  • Candies
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruits
  • Marzipan
Wholesale pricing available to the Retail Industry.
Bringing HAPPINESS to the world
one piece of CANDY at a time!


The Following Products are available for Bulk ordering.  



Almond R no salt                                          

Almond R SALT                                             

Almond RAW                                                

Almond SLICED                                            

Almond SLIVERED                                       

Brazil Nuts                                                    

Cashew R no salt                                          

Cashew R SALT                                             

Cashew Honey                                              

Peanut R no salt                                           

Peanut R SALT                                              


Pine Nuts LARGE                                          

Pistachio R no salt                                        

Pistachio R SALT                                           




Pumpkin Seed Salt in shell                         

Rice Crackers                                                

Sesame Oat bran                                          

Sunflower R no salt                                      

Sunflower R SALT                                        

Sunflower Seed RAW                                   

Soybean R SALT                                           

Soybean R no salt                                         


Brittle Honey Crunch                                   

Brittle Peanut Crunch                                 

Brittle Sesame Crunch                                 

Dark Choc Almonds                                     

Dark Chocolate Non Pariels                        

Dark choc Graham Pretzels                         

Dark Choc Bridge Mix                                  

Dark Choc Raisins                                        

Jordan Almond                                             

Joyva Sesame Crunch                                  

Joyva Bulk ( Jring, Twist, J Bar)                  

Chocolatey Covered pretzels                      

Macaroons(Coconut) *Sale item                 

Milk Chocolate Almonds                              

Milk Chocolate Peanuts                               

Milk Chocolate Raisin                                   

Milk Choc Bridge mix                                   

Milk choc Malt Balls                                     

Sugar Free choc cov Raisins                        

Sugar Free Choc cov Peanuts                     

Yogurt Covered Pretzels                             

Yogurt Peanut                                              

Trail Mixes              

Almond Raisn & Nut Mix                             

Carob Raisin Nut mix                                   

Fruit & Nut Mix                                            

Hot cajun Mix                                                           

Mix Nut Deluxe R no salt                             

Mix Nut Deluxe R SALT                               

Omega Energy Mix                                      

Oriental Trail Mix                                         

Party Hikers Trail Mix                                 

Dieters Soy Delight mix                               

Wholesome Deluxe Mix                               

Candy Items 

Alsorts Licorice                                             

Black & Red raspberries                              

cherry twizzler bites                                    

Fruit Slices(cherry, lemon,lime,orange)     

Gummy Bears                                                           

Gummy worm                                               

Gummy Neon Worms                                  

Jelly beans(just born)                                 

Marzipan Fruits(Biermann)                                   

Mike & Ike                                                     

Strawberry pinwheels                                 

Sour Patch Kids                                            

Sour Peach Rings                                         

Sour Watermelon Slices                              

Swedish Fish                                                 

Dried Fruit  

Apple Rings Dried                                        

Apricot Dried #4's                                        

Banana Chips                                                           

Cranberries Dried                                        

Dried Mixed Fruits                                       

Ginger Slice Dried                                        

Green Pea Wasabi                                        

Kiwi Dried                                                     

Mango Dried                                                 

Papaya Dried                                                

Peaches Dried                                              

Pears Dried                                                   

Pineapple Tidbit Dried                                

Prunes (pitted)Dried          

Raisin Black   

Raisin Golden


For more information and placing wholesale orders please Click the Wholesale link above to be contacted by one of our sales representatives.  


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